Anežka Macey-Dare

Anežka is an MB/PhD student. She completed the first part of her medical degree (BSc in Medical Sciences with Neuroscience & Mental Health) at Imperial College London in 2020 and is currently undertaking her DPhil in Pharmacology at the University of Oxford. She has previously worked on a range of neuroscience and pharmacology-related projects in labs at Oxford, Cambridge, and Magill University, Canada. 
Her current research focuses on understanding how exposure to antibodies produced by a mother during pregnancy may alter brain development in the offspring and give rise to disorders including autism, learning disabilities, and schizophrenia.
Alongside Section Editor for the Cambridge Medicine Journal, she is also a peer-reviewer for the British Student Doctor Journal and a Sub-Editor for the Oxford Scientist. In her spare time, she enjoys long-distance running, playing basketball, korfball and netball, drawing, and spending time with her family.