Building Bridges in Medical Science 2021 Conference Proceedings

The Building Bridges in Medical Science 2021 Conference was held virtually on March 6th, 2021. Abstracts were judged by panel consisting of representatives from both the BBMS Organising Committee and the Cambridge Medicine Journal. A selection of abstracts are included in this set of conference proceedings, published by the Cambridge Medicine Journal.



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Cover page

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Presenting author: Jack M Birch
Title: A systematic review of inequalities in the uptake of, adherence to and effectiveness of behavioural weight management interventions

Page 4-5:
Presenting author: Leonardo Costa
Title: The Choroid Plexus Is Permissive for a Preactivated Antigen-Experienced Memory B Cell Subset in Multiple Sclerosis

Page 6-7:
Presenting author: Annalisa Occhipinti
Title: A Computational Model of Cancer Metabolism for Personalised Medicine

Page 8-9:
Presenting author: Luiza Farache Trajano
Title: The Presence of Chemical Cross-Linking Stabilises HIV-1 Envelope Glycoprotein Trimer Antigens in a Model of Intramuscular Immunisation

Page 10-11:
Presenting author: Alice Vodden
Title: The drivers of overdiagnosis within modern healthcare systems - An interdisciplinary analysis