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The Quality of life and Psychosocial Wellbeing of Burn Survivors: A Systematic Review


This study has been conducted to evaluate factors that affect the quality of life (QoL) of burn survivors in relation to long-term recovery and psychosocial wellbeing. These factors include sexual function, cultural variations, family life, and education. This research has been performed as a systematic review to assess the available research on evaluating health-related quality of life (HRQoL) and psychological outcomes in burn survivors.

Gallbladder Ewing's sarcoma with liver metastasis: a rare case report

Ewing's sarcoma (SE) / primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET) occurs most often in soft tissues of the extremities and in the paravertebral areas. As far as we know, there are only two other reports in the gallbladder SE / PNET literature, however, this is the first metastatic case in a 58-year-old man. Microscopically, small round cell neoplasms showed intense positive immunoreactive activity for CD99, as well as for neuron-specific enoase and synaphysophine.

A Decade of Progress in Global Neurosurgery

While the past ten years have yielded significant progress in neurosurgery, the prioritisation of global health outcomes and equity in neurosurgical care is a particularly valuable advancement due to the benefits yet to be gained. The appreciation of safe and effective neurosurgery as a key element of universal health coverage is highly encouraging as a sign of progress towards more equitable surgical care for patients around the world.