Editorial Board

Our editorial board consists of students and junior doctors, and is not restricted just to Cambridge students. For the academic year 2018-19, our board consists of the following individuals:

Jonathan Wan (2015-), Christopher McMurran (2015-), Ben Beresford-Jones (2017-)

Section Editors
Katie Tremble – Cambridge
Alisha Burman – Cambridge
Prannoy Chaudhuri-Vayalambrone – Cambridge
Rama Lakshman – Cambridge
Dimitrios Karponis – Imperial College London
Uddhav Vaghela – Imperial College London
Gavin Deas – London
James Hartley – London
Atrin Toussi – UC Davis
Aidan Tan – University of New South Wales
John Koh – University of New South Wales

Former Co-Editors-in-Chief
Ada Teo – Cambridge – 2015-17

Former Section Editors
Karan Chadda – Cambridge