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17 Feb 2012

Reducing the global burden of malarial disease has been on the international health agenda for some time. The World Health Organization (WHO) set a goal for malaria eradication in 1955, and in 2015, the UN-Secretary general set a goal for reducing malaria deaths to zero by 2015. However, there is a great amount of uncertainty regarding the global burden of malaria (1).

Clinical Medicine

14 Jan 2012

Title: OGPL Child Health
ISBN: 9780199215683


OGPL Child Health is a publication of the Oxford Handbook (OHB) range written predominantly for GPs and other primary health care professionals who have to manage paediatric patients. It covers the majority of common conditions and presentations on a systematic basis with a view to diagnosis and management within the community.

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24 Feb 2012

Virtual autopsies, using CT techniques, have been found to confirm most diagnoses made by cutting a patient open, and even detect some that were missed by this conventional method.

Researchers publishing in Annals of Internal Medicine (1) enrolled 162 patients from ICU units for either virtual then medical autopsy, or virtual autopsy only.

24 Feb 2012

The treatment for acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) is in two parts: patients receive chemotherapy until complete remission is achieved, and then receive post-remission therapy to minimise the risk of recurrence. This can consist of further chemotherapy with cytarabine, or transplant of allogeneic or autologous haematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) to replace the abnormal HSC population.