2018 issue



Lucille Mclean

Bronchial thermoplasty is a non-pharmacological treatment for severe asthma that involves the application of heat (65 °C) to the airway wall using a bronchoscopically applied heat probe. The mode of action is unclear however trials in animals and humans have demonstrated a reduction in airway smooth muscle … Read more



Thomas Weatherby, Cara Swain, Anthony Lambert

Continuity is an important aspect of patient care. Relatively little is known about the differing perceptions of patients and surgeons relating to continuity of care in an elective general surgical setting. A study was undertaken to identify whether patients would accept a longer waiting time in order to be operating on by a surgeon who had previously assessed them in outpatient clinic…….. Read more



Harriet Hunter

This study aims to investigate the perception of different types of doctor, by the medical student community. 63 medical students from the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, were recruited to the study and invited to fill out a 1-2 minute survey about their initial reactions to a list of 10 medical specialties……. Read more



Samuel SY Wang

This article contains a high-resolution lateral and anterior-posterior left wrist radiograph of a female vasculopath. Extensive vascular calcifications can be seen in the patient’s wrist. The patient has multiple risk factors that accelerate the formation of vascular calcifications…… Read more



Nabila Rehnnuma, Irene Mateos Rodriguez, Hattie Hunter, Jonathon Cushenan, Robin Crawford, Helen Bolton

The study aimed to analyse the outcomes of treatment decisions of patients with a positive histopathological diagnosis of complex atypical hyperplasia (CAH) of the endometrium, and to assess a novel biopsy capture, MyoSure procedure, for diagnosing CAH confined to a polyp…… Read more



Arvindh Sekaran

Pruritus refers to the colloquial term ’itch’, an unpleasant sensation that stimulates the desire to scratch. A plethora of aetiologies have been described for itch, however the complexities of the biological interactions that underlie the sensation have not been fully elucidated. Nevertheless, significant progress has been made in solving the conundrum of why we itch and scratch….. Read more



Nabila Rehnnuma

Recent research indicated that the prevalence of mental health disorders among children and adolescents had significantly increased over the last few years. A recent systematic review and meta-analysis by Bronsard et al. 2016, assessed the prevalence of mental health disorders among ‘children in care’, and found higher incidences of mental health disorders among this paediatric subgroup…. Read more



Chris Lovejoy

Dr Paquita De Zulueta is a GP from London who has volunteered for Doctors of the World, lectured at Imperial College London and completed a Masters in Medical Ethics and Law. She is also a qualified CBT practitioner, coach, and mentor for doctors and dentists… Read more



Rama Lakshman, Hannah Vandersluis

To determine current European practice in managing breast lesions with ultrasound appearances typical of a fibroadenoma, including how patient age affects management, a questionnaire regarding the management of lesions with ultrasound appearances typical of a fibroadenoma was sent to members of the European Society of Breast Imaging (ESOBI)… Read more



Danyal Akarca, Karim Saleh, Philip Xiu

The NHS must implement resourceful ways to streamline its services in order to maintain effective services for its changing patient demographic. Here we outline from first principle a new way to store and utilise patient records, based upon blockchain technology, for potential wide-spread use within the NHS… Read more



Hai Man Cao

Studies have shown that the five-year survival rate of patients with contained prostate cancer is more than triple that of their metastatic counterparts. As such, early diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancer has enormous potential to improve survival and quality of life… Read more



Diego Carrión Alvarez, Olga Carolina Rojas García, Joyce Marie Garcia Martinez

Chromoblastomycosis is a subcutaneousmycosis recognised as a Neglected Tropical Disease by the World Health Organization, and commonly misdiagnosed by clinicians… Read more



Guled Jama

Human papillomaviruses are a large family of double-stranded DNA viruses that infect skin and mucosal cells. Of the more than 100 recognised genotypes, at least 13 are considered to be oncogenic (or ‘high-risk’). The two most common of these, i.e. type 16 and 18, are known to cause approximately 70 per cent of all cervical cancers…. Read more



Dominic O’Neill

Doctors have an important role in the protection and promotion of human health, from individual to global scales…. Read more



Mark Boydell, Richard Moore

A 37 year old female with no previous medical history presented to the… Read more



David Henshall

A personalised approach to care of patients is a defining feature of modern medicine…. Read more


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