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The blood film shows macrophages containing Leishmania amastigotes, each with a prominent kinetoplast (seen as a darkened spot next to the larger nucleus) and no flagella (in contrast with the promastigote form). Infection with Leishmania spp is mostly asymptomatic; when infection is symptomatic, it may present as a cutaneous, mucocutaneous or visceral syndrome depending on the parasite species as well as host factors. Neisseria gonorrhoeae are gram-negative diplococci. Plasmodium falciparum trophozoites mature in erythrocytes and have a characteristic ring-form appearance. Schistosoma spp and Trypanosoma spp (with the exception of T. cruzi, which has an intracellular amastigote form) are extracellular protozoans.

Christina Yek, Cambridge University School of Clinical Medicine

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Which of the following microorganisms is shows in the blood film?