Staff Biographies

The CMJ is a student-run journal, with expert peer review from a panel of Consultants and Registrars.
Editorial Board

Chris McMurran

Chris is in his first research year on the MB/PhD programme, having graduated with a BA in Neuroscience from Trinity College in 2013. He looks at remyelination in the CNS and how this regenerative process is shaped by the innate immune system. In his spare time, Chris is a keen musician and you’ll find him in the band pit conducting the orchestra in the annual Addenbrooke’s Pantomime!

Ada Teo
Ada is a current MB-PhD student, working on the molecular genetics of hypertension in order to bridge the gap between bench and bedside. She is excited by the possibility of combining clinical insight with basic science research to pursue the goal of eventually developing therapies for hypertension personalised to each individual. In her spare time, she enjoys badminton and Zumba.

Jonathan Wan

Jonathan is a Stage 1 MB/PhD student at Trinity College, and carried out his pre-clinical studies at King's College London, graduating with BSc in Anatomy, and a degree in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (AKC). His PhD research will be on using circulating tumour DNA as a non-invasive cancer diagnostic. Jonathan also enjoys playing the violin, badminton, and mountain biking.

Section Editors
Clare Thakker

Clare is a 5th year medic at Cambridge clinical school. She graduated from Clare College, Cambridge in 2012 with a BA(Hons) in Physiology, Development and Neuroscience. Having contributed to several research projects in the past including work on autophagy, cell signalling and neurological development she is interested in a career in academic medicine. In her spare time she enjoys travel, art and rowing.